UC2953FayNeoGrainA quick resume to give you an idea of where this website has come from: I am a trained prehistorian and worked for several years as an archaeologist, engaged in both research and field (excavation and survey) projects, specialising respectively in the Upper Palaeolithic and Late Neolithic and Early Bronze Age in northwest Europe.

When I started this site is was done for my own amusement, and I put it together at evenings and weekends, while working as a Business Process consultant. However, my interest in prehistoric and predynastic Egypt became increasingly time consuming, and I finally gave up the pretense that it was all just a hobby, with the result that I am now entering the first year of my PhD, focusing on the prehistory of the Faiyum Depression, at UCL (London, UK). My early research into the Faiyum has been captured at www.faiyum.historians.co.uk

If you have any comments or queries, please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time at andie@easynet.co.uk

Kind regards
Andie Byrnes