The following appendices are intended to complement the main text:


Appendix A: Excavation and Survey Projects
This provides a summary of previous excavation and survey work that was carried out on both the archaeology and geology of the area

Appendix B: Radiocarbon Dates
A table of radiocarbon dates for the sites under discussion.  This table is by no means perfect - and needs some more work to match the dates with the periods and phases more accurately.  However, the dates have been checked and double checked, and should be accurate.

Appendix C: Maadi Flora and Fauna
A complete listing of all of the floral and faunal remains to be found at Maadi.

Appendix D:  Body Orientation
A table showing body orientation in cemeteries of the Predynastic in the areas under discussion.

Appendix E:  Regional Variation
Brief summaries of the recent dialogue amongst Predynastic archaeologists about regional variation within both Upper and Lower Egypt

Appendix F: Mesopotamian and Palestinian Relative Chronologies
Brief tabulated and descriptive comparison of Mesopotamian and Palestinian dates

Appendix G:  Current Site Status
A brief commentary on the current status of each of the main Lower Egyptian sites discussed in this text, where known.

Appendix D: Faiyum Dynastic
A brief discussion of the Faiyum Depression during the Dynastic period

Appendix H:  Raw Materials
This appendix lists possible sources for items found in the Faiyum Depression and Cairo

Appendix I:  Typological Schemes Based on Ceramics
Tabulated summaries of typological schemes developed by Petrie, Kaiser and Hendrickx

Appendix J:  Key Characteristics of the Early Dynastic Period
A short list of some of the defining characteristics of the Early Dynastic period

Appendix K: The Faiyum Today
A brief description of the Faiyum as it is today.