2.0 Prehistoric and Early Predynastic Faiyum

2.1 An Introduction to Prehistoric and Early Predynastic Egypt and Faiyum

Faiyum Neolithic, British Museum 2Egypt has a very rich Palaeolithic past, dating from the Lower Palaeolithic.  Much of it is quite poorly understood, partly because of the destructive effects of natural processes, and partly due to having been neglected in favour of Upper Egyptian studies.

The Faiyum has a fundamentally important role to play in developing an understanding of Egyptian prehistory.  As well as a distinctive Epipalaeolithic industry, it has some of the earliest evidence in Egypt of agricultural activities:  “Between about 7000 and 4000BC the Fayum Depression appears to have been one of the most densely occupied areas in all of Egypt” (Wenke and Brewer 1992, p.175).

After the Neolithic of the Faiyum Neolithic and Moerian, the Faiyum appears to have been abandoned in favour of the Western Delta.  Only in Naqada II does settlement return to the Faiyum area, and then to the area outside the mouth of the Faiyum Depression.

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