101_0133_1This introductory section is divided into three sub sections, “Document Details”, “Areas in Context” and the “Executive Summary”.  Use the buttons in the menu bar, left to navigate to these pages.

The Document Details section is an introduction to the rest of this website, outlining its aims, explaining its structure, and providing a glossary of terms used throughout the site.

The Areas in Context section provides a brief geographical description of each of the Lower Egyptian areas under discussion, a general description of the cultural context in order to show how Egypt related to outside areas at this time, and a brief overview of climatic change over the period described.

The Executive Summary section provides a top-level overview of the main findings of the paper. 

The contents of this website were originally contained within a paper which was completed as an academic piece of work and as such it is fully referenced against the bibliography page. It is also numbered in a highly structured way that looks distinctly odd in a web context, but enables me to keep both the paper and the website perfectly synchronized.

The only difference between the online and offline versions is that I have removed all copyrighted images from the online text.  This also helps to keep the site efficient in terms of page load times.